Github Pipeline with Travis Set-up

We deploy Github based repositories with Travis and it needs to be set up properly with commands described below.


  1. Create project on Github - we use Github for all our opensource projects/libraries
    • Create project as public
    • Project has to be located under AckeeCZ team
  2. Modify package.json to allow scoped packages

    •   "publishConfig": {
          "access": "public"
    • don’t forget to set the name with scope prefix -> @ackee/jerome
  3. Create Travis account

  4. Create Travis CI
    • Go to your travis repositories
    • Choose AckeeCZ organization on the left bar
    • Click -> Manage repositories
    • Choose -> Only select repositories IMPORTANT
    • Select your github repository
    • Click -> Approve & request for authorization
  5. Create .travis.yml file
    • Install travis package into your terminal
    • Go to your repository via terminal
    • Log in to Travis with command below
      • travis login --com
    • Create .travis.yml file manually or copy it from this file
    • Modify the file
      • Go to npm
      • Log in with ackee credentials (acc on our ackee password storage)
      • Get access token from the ackee acount (each user MUST create his own token, it CAN NOT be shared)
      • Encrypt the token with travis encryption command
        • travis encrypt YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN --add deploy.api_key --com
      • Set encrypted api key into you .travis.yml file
    • Add/change repository name in the .travis.yml file
    • Set tags: true (only publish when flag set in commit)
  6. Push .travis.yml file into you repository
  7. Check results - Travis dashboard
  8. Put building information badge into the file in your repository
  9. If anything went wrong => call your favourite TL :))
    • :bieb: :heart:

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