VS Code Ackee frontend extension

A set of usefull snippets and commands we use at Ackee for web apps development.


Extension documentation

Adding a snippet

It's very easy - just add the snippet into a corresponding language file in snippets folder. (e.g. snippets/javascript.json).

Adding a command

The extension is basically a typescript node project using the VS Code API. See the documentation for an extension anatomy. There is extension.ts file where you register commands and use app's Model. There is model.ts containing all extension's logic.

To create a new command:

  1. Add the functionality to Model class
  2. Register the new command in etension.ts
  3. Add the command to package.json sections contributes and activationEvents



The project has continues delivery set up on Travis. To release a new version, run npm version VERSION in updated master branch.

Publishing manually

Official VS Code documentation guide for publishing an extension


  • Azure DevOps organization account for Ackee
  • Personal Microsoft account
  • Personal access token (PAT) for Marketplace (see the official documentation for guide how to retrieve it)

After all requirements are met:

  1. Install vsce CLI by npm i -g vsce
  2. Login to ackee organization (you will be prompted to enter the PAT) with vsce login ackee.
  3. Pack the extension with vsce package
  4. Publish an extension with vsce publish minor. The last parameter of the command is a version (see the doc for more info).

Alternatively, the extension can be packed and published throuh Marketplace publisher mangement page.

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