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Cypress is javascript framework for end to end testing of web applications. We have chosen it over other frameworks for its simplicity of use and setup. We even wrote a blog post with example about Cypress. In this article we share a few examples and tips that might help you.

Table of contents

Examples and tips

Custom commands


Custom commands are extremly usefull when you repeat same sequences of commands in more more tests. Why not to create a own command to avoid this repetition? They can be defined in cypress/support/commands.js file.

Below is example with custom authVisit command we use in almost every test to authenticate before navigating to a specific route/page.

// Definition command.js
Cypress.Commands.add('authVisit', url => {
    const { username, password } = Cypress.env('auth'); // get credentials from enviroment variables

// Usage in products.spec.js test file
describe('Test group', () => {
    it('should authenticate, visit page and test stuff', () => {
        // ...

Environment variables


Environment variables are useful for storing dynamic values that can be different for multiple development environments. In the example below we use it for storing REST API url which can naturally vary for different environments (development/stage).

// Definition in cypress.env.json
    apiUrl: 'https://api-dev.ack.ee'
// Usage in test file
Cypress.env('apiUrl') // https://api-dev.ack.ee



Fixtures are great for storing static test data (e.g. REST API responses/requests). They are defined in JSON files so you can easilly organize them.

Example with API response:

// Definiton in products.json
    { "id": 1, "name": "Pen" },
    { "id": 2, "name": "Pencil" }
// products.spec.js test file

// load fixture
// define route with test data as response
cy.route('GET', 'http://api.ack.ee', '@productsData');

Add screenshots and videos folders to gitignore

When you run tests in command line using cypress run command, it creates these two folders with images and videos from done tests. Adding it to .gitignore is recommended to save storage in your git repository.

// .gitignore file

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